It’s been said that “The longest journey starts with a single step.”  I would add that it ends the same way, one single step to the finish. 

Today we make those final steps on our journey of preparation for Honduras.

 I’m off to the store to buy peanut butter and children’s cold medicine for an orphanage we’ll visit.  Then I’ll spend some quality time with the family.  Javier, I’m sure is sending out some last minute media files and publications then time with Danielle and Saige. 

There is still one final step.  Part of our preparations include funding for this trip.  So many friends have partnered with us financially.  We have made many steps together.  The final step is that we need to raise $600 by Monday.  A gift of any amount today will help us all make this final step.  You can give online.

Will you walk with us today?  Will you help us take this last step of preparation so we can begin a new journey on Monday, in Honduras? 

Thank you. 

Travis Moffitt

Worldwide Voice In the Wilderness

Mobilizing Teams to Reach Neglected & Forgotten Communities Around the World