In Honduras I have a close friend and ministry partner named Jorge Amador.  For years Jorge has hosted dozens of missionaries into Cusuna and other parts of Honduras.  He has worked tirelessly to build The Kingdom of God in his country.  
Recently Jorge has suffered several personal setbacks that would challenge the best of any of us.  Having lost so much, he has persevered to provide for his family and continue to bring missionaries to Honduras.  Just two months ago he graciously ministered alongside Javier Mendoza and I. 

Recently Jorge has opened a small restaurant with the desire to continue his missions work and give into the work of the ministry.  As in the US, starting a business is difficult.  Especially when you financial resources are VERY LIMITED, everything must be done in faith. 
Today I am writing at Jorge’s request.  "Travis, please email everyone and ask them to pray for me.“

He has asked for prayer for several specific things:
1) Pray for encouragement.  Pray the God will comfort him and lift his spirit. 
2) Pray for customers.  Jorge needs 15 customers or more each day. 
3) Pray for additional funding.  Jorge is making several improvements on his restaurant to make it more comfortable and appealing to customers.  Improvements like a glass front door, tables, and an A/C. 
Today I am praying for Jorge.  Won’t you join me?  Won’t you agree with me and lift up my friend?

Travis Moffitt
Worldwide Voice In the Wilderness
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