We arrived last night to what feels like the middle of nowhere.  We must be at least 50 miles from the nearest interstate.  The closest town consists of a bar-b-que restaurant, a craft store and a Brookshire’s.  I haven’t seen a Starbucks or a gas station for a while.  
We’re here in East Texas with seven other WVIW Team Member couples for a Marriage Retreat.  Today 15 or so staff members from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) and their spouses will arrive at this nowhere place to spend the weekend with us.  

We’ll share testimonies of how God has healed us from drug abuse, alcoholism, suicide and criminal activities of all kinds.  We’ll tell stories of God’s grace in times of joy and sadness.  We’ll recount how He stepped into our lives at just the right moment to rescue us from ourselves and those who have harmed us.  
Our prayer is that through our presence and the offering of our lives, an atmosphere will be created where the Holy Spirit can heal others.  

And turn this nowhere into somewhere that God shows up. 
Thank you for your prayers. 

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Travis Moffitt
Worldwide Voice In the Wilderness
Mobilizing Teams to Reach Neglected & Forgotten Communities Around the World