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The Dreamer Part 1

In recent American history few people have made such an impact or left such a mark as Martin Luther King Jr.  As a peaceful man he lead his supporters and subsequently a nation through a major change of heart and deed.  

Today, several decades later, the USA and many parts of the world are still affected positively by the incredible efforts of this man.  

Although the he has been gone from this world for many years, his message still remains.  Martin Luther King Jr. will forever be remembered in four simple words.  For words that clarified his direction.  Four words that created deep division, and then unity.  Four words that gave him great delight.  
“I have a dream …”
Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream and the world will never be the same. 
In the Bible, in the book of Genesis we can read about another man who had a dream and changed the world.  
Genesis 37:5a says, “Joseph had a dream…”
Joseph’s dream, as I believe Martin Luther’s dream also, was God-given.  This dream clearly stated a divine message with eternal consequences.  Joseph did not ask for or even deserve this dream.  It was simply a gift.  He was not the oldest of his siblings.   He was arguably not the strongest either.  He was shown favor because of grace.  Grace being undeserved favor. 
For you it’s the same.  Somewhere along the path of your life an undeserved and unrequested dream found its way into your sleep.  When you may have least expected it, God showed you a plan; a vision; a purpose; a dream.  You may have not fully understood its meaning or how it could even be possible.  You may have asked, “Why me?”  You may questioned its origin and validity.  Never the less, the dream is there in your heart.  It lives and grows like a healthy tree waiting for it time to bloom.  
Simply put: You have a dream; and your world will never be the same.