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Father's Day

My Dad, My Hero

I’ve heard it said before that PK’s (preacher’s kids) are the worst. I certainly hope I never live down to that standard.

That’s right, I’m a PK. My dad, Johnny Moffitt is a preacher extraordinaire. If you’ve never heard him deliver a message then you’re really missing out. He has a way of moving an audience from tears to cheers in seconds. He can have you laughing and crying at the same time. And once he’s done you’ll be ready to “take on hell with a water pistol.” (One of his quotes)

Not only can he preach, he can work; for the Lord. He’s traveled the world over, walking into some of the worst prisons known to man to reach a single soul. He’s been in prisons in the US, Canada, England, Mexico, Africa, Jamaica and Russia. Places no man should live and no missionary should neglect.

I’ve known my father to not only go to these places himself, but take others alongside. In an effort to make disciples wherever he goes, he will recruit the most stoic of saints, take them to prison, then deliver them back to their pews, never to be the same again.

This year he celebrated 40 years of marriage to the same woman, my mother. With 3 children who love him, dozens of people in ministry because of him, and countless souls heaven bound through him, his legacy is impressive.

Yup, I’m a PK and I’m darn proud of it.

Thanks dad. Happy Father’s Day.