Monday evening in Dallas proved to be quite a stormy night.  Many of our neighbors spent the evening in their closets or sitting in their bathtub.  The storm outside sent us all into a heightened state of awareness and wonderment. 
“Would a tornado touch down near my home?  Would these magnificent clouds turn on us?  How would we weather the storm?”

I have been equally overwhelmed by the beauty of the three following days.  The weather here has been absolutely wonderful.  It’s as if the storms of Monday evening never even happened. 
And so it is in life.  We all face storms.  There are those dark stormy nights of the soul that seem to have no ending and threaten to tear us apart.  They challenge our sense of safety and leave us cowering in the bathroom. 

“He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed.” Psalms 107:29

Days like today remind me that the storms of life will also pass.  Eventually the clouds will clear and the sun will shine again.  The winds will blow away the rain and in the wake we will have days of clear sky’s and sunshine.  

Our illness will pass.  Our poverty will clear away.  Our worries will subside.  Our God will still the storm to a whisper.  The beauty of the days to come will be greater than the storms of the past. 
Travis Moffitt
Worldwide Voice In the Wilderness
Mobilizing Teams to Reach Neglected & Forgotten Communities Around the World