A Honduran, a Nigerian, a Mexican, and an American were riding in a truck …
Sounds like the start of a bad joke, but this is the true life setting I found myself in just a few weeks ago.  I was the American.  My travel companions, Nahun, Gabriel, & Javier, all seated comfortably (sort of) as we bobbled along the dusty, bumpy road to Cusuna, Honduras.  It had been a miracle morning.  We had three buckets of live Tilapia.

We had arrived in Honduras only days before with no certainty of finding these much needed fish.  Our mission was to construct five Aquaponic Feeding Systems complete with moving water, vegetables, and fish.  That very morning we had found, and purchased, the Tilapia and were now on our way back to Cusuna when we were stopped by the police. 

As the driver I began the conversation with a friendly, “hola”.  Things went down hill from there.  See I speak more Spanish than I understand.  The stern el policia responded with who knows what, but it sounded serious; and inquisitive.  He was apparently asking me some question that I did not understand.  My blank stare didn’t seem the help. 

Finally, my Honduran friend, Pastor Nahun, said, “Estamos misioneros.  Estamos un Hondureño, un Nigeriano, un Mexicano, y un Americano.”
Translation: We’re missionaries.  We are a Honduran, a Nigerian, a Mexican, and an American.  

The police officer simply waived his hand and let us pass.  He must have figured there was no other explanation for such a mixed bag in a truck than a group of missionaries. 
And that’s the point.  As a short term missionary mobilizer, I’ve had the honor of GOING with some of the best travel companions in the world.  I’ve been to Honduras with people from Nigeria, Switzerland, Moldavia, and Iceland, as well as countries like Texas Alabama, and Tennessee.  I’ve met Canadians and Spaniards.  Yankees and rebels.  All on a journey of peace. 

It seems God has a unique way of bringing people together on a mission trip from all parts of the world to impact all parts of the world. 
Won’t you join us.  I promise those traveling with you will be glad you came along. 

To learn more about our next trip to Cusuna and other places, check out Connect Global at www.iConnectGlobal.org

Travis Moffitt
Connect Global
A Ministry of Worldwide Voice In The Wilderness