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Connect Global

Who We Are

Connect Global is a group of individuals working as a team to connect people around a simple mission.

It is our desire to see thousands of people positively affected by sustainable projects. 

By making Sustainable Solutions accessible, we are empowering life change in communities around the world in a dignified and lasting manner. 



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Sustainable solutions such as Solar energy, Aquaponics, and Clean Water are making a huge impact around the world to improve very critical, but solvable problems.


Our Mission

To Bring Sustainable Solutions to the world. 

Our Vision

To Meet the Physical, Emotional + Spiritual needs of others through Sustainable, Project-Based Service. 

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Connect Global is making sustainable projects available to those who need them most.


What We Do

Connect Global pursues + facilitates trips into areas with substantial need, in order to create sustainable change that will improve the lifestyle of the residents we work alongside of. 


What We Do

Connect Global pursues + facilitates trips into areas with substantial need, in order to create sustainable change that will improve the lifestyle of the residents we work alongside of. 

We Lead Trips

Everything we do starts with a location. It could be someplace close to home, or a city that is 1000 miles away.

We take trips to places where our friends live. Where we can create or help promote a sustainable, life improving project.

Each location displays tangible need, a track record of ongoing success, and an evident motivation from the next generation. 

We Build Hope

Sustainable projects are anything that will produce results to meet a tangible need with resources left over to produce a new project with out ongoing, outside support.

Our current projects are based around Aquaponics, a sustainable food producing system, Financing Small Business, and other causes that sustain life.  

We Sponsor Success

We sponsor motivated, successful Pastors, Missionaries, Students, & many others in their pursuit of global impact. 

It takes many different minds, hearts, and motivations to make a lasting difference in this world. We love seeing Good happen and invite you to Help us sponsor Success around the world. 

Our Leadership


Our Leadership

Javier Mendoza

Chief Strategy Officer

My wife and I have been involved in mission trips to Haiti, Jamaica, Honduras, Mexico, Louisiana, Florida and Texas. With Connect Global I have the privilege of working with my family in Tampa, Fl, and focusing on our global efforts in feeding the hungry, and serving communities around the world with the message of Jesus Christ.




Danielle Mendoza 

Chief Operations Officer

I have been blessed with the unique opportunity to have been introduced to the mission field at the age of 12.

I am a " PK" also known as a pastors kid, which has allowed me the privilege of knowing of a world greater than my own at a young age. 

I first fell in love with missions when I went on my first trip to Mexico with my (christian) school. We slept on a concrete floor, ate new foods, and most importantly served in the elementary school. It was evident that decent meals and full bellies were scarce but joy and happiness were not.

This was the beginning of several other instances in my life that I realized how abundantly blessed I was and knew I wanted to share my blessings with others.

Since that first trip I have been back to Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras and what I consider my favorite mission trip Slidell, Louisiana. My husband Javier and I were only distant friends at the time but by the end of the trip we both knew we were meant to be together. Now we have been married 8 years and have a beautiful 4yr old, Madison Saige Mendoza. My first and foremost ministry is to my family followed by the unique and amazing opportunity to serve with Connect Global.


Travis Moffitt

Chief Executive Officer

After graduating from Christ For The Nations Institute in 1994 I spent 17 years in the corporate workplace. There I became the youngest District Manager for a major national retailer, overseeing 16 retail locations and over 30 employees.

While in the workplace, I became the Missions Director for MorningStar Church in Tampa, FL.  In this role I led several missions trips to Honduras and Southern Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

In 2008 my family and I relocated to Dallas, TX where I became the Associate Director of Worldwide Voice In The Wilderness.  During this time I brought my knowledge of organizational leadership and cross-cultural ministry into the prison environment. 




Billy Chrzan

Aquaponics Director

Billy is an amazing dad, husband, and Aquaponic Genius. He and his wife Michelle along with five of their ten children live in La Cieba, Honduras. They have a strong vision to see the nation of Honduras positively impacted and for thousands of hungry people to be fed through the sustainable food producing systems he designs. Billy has been Connect Global's Field Partner, and Aquaponic Director for Honduras since 2014.  

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