Maternity Home Project UPDATE:

Together we have Made this Home a Reality. 


The Maternity Home is well on it’s way to being completed. We have been in close communication with the hospital and have finalized a contract to begin operations as soon as the construction is complete. The Connect Global team toured the facility in March & June 2019, and fully expect to see the facility operating by the mid summer.

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MATERNITY HOME Ministry Overview

During our extensive work in La Ceiba over the past 15 years, we at Connect Global had observed a very difficult challenge facing new and expecting mothers. We diligently learned as much as we could about this problem and more importantly devised a plan to address the issue.

Thank You for taking the time to learn about the Maternity Home Ministry in Honduras. 

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Connect Global Maternity Home at the Regional Hospital in La ceiba, Atlantida, Honduras

The Regional Hospital of Atlantida in the city of La Ceiba serves an area of over 700k people.  With only 200 beds, the staff serves over 76k patients each year.  Around 5500 of these patients are new baby deliveries.

With such a great demand placed on their facilities they are forced to compromise in the care they provide for certain patients.

New and Expectant Mothers are currently displaced while they wait for beds to open up before delivery, and are given no room to recover post delivery. 

Moms are placed outside the maternity wing before and after delivery to save beds for women only during the actual delivery process. Women sleep on makeshift pallets on the floors or benches that line the open air hallways outside the delivery wing.

This of course is uncomfortable, dangerous, and leaves the moms susceptible to germs, and outdoor afflictions such as Zika, and Malaria. 


Some problems only exist because no one has stepped up to address the issue.
— Javier Mendoza

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Our Proposal 

Some problems only exist because no one has stepped up to address the issue.

Connect Global has chosen to address the issue of moms having to sleep on the floor during their hospital stay while giving birth and come up with a solution. We proposed the building of a brand new Maternity Home for these mothers. This home will add 24 beds, kitchen and bathroom facilities for moms only, and a place for moms to recover. The facility will be run by local church and community volunteers and Connect Global paid staff to create and manage a safe and welcoming facility for these new moms as well as provide a very special opportunity to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with these moms and their new born children.

This will be a home that compassionately restores dignity, safety, and peace of mind where it is needed most. 


Our Partnerships 

Here at Connect Global we have intentionally deepened our relationships and partnerships in Honduras over the years. We are working to create a sustainable solution for the operations of this Maternity Home Program at the Hospital for these mothers. We are partnering with the hospital, local business owners and local churches to ensure the best ongoing care in this home. Our plan is to share the operational management responsibilities with these local partners. Connect Global will continue to provide oversight to ensure fiscal responsibility and stewardship.

 Yes, it will take a lot of work, time, and money but these moms, and the future sons and daughters of Honduras are worth it.

If we are to see massive positive change come to Honduras, and to see Honduras increasingly become a more giving country, we need to start by investing compassionatly into the nation's most vulnerable citizens. 

Thank You for helping Us Make this Maternity Home Ministry a reality

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