Connect Global Co Founders

Javier Mendoza

Together with his wife, Danielle Mendoza, Javier has been involved in building Connect Global though the various mission trips to Haiti, Jamaica, Honduras, Colombia, Thailand, Mexico, Louisiana, Florida, South Dakota, and Texas.

They, along with their daughter Saige, moved to La Ceiba for 1 year to focus on deepening and strengthening Connect Global's relational connection to Honduras.  

As Vice President of Connect Global Javier has the privilege of working alongside family and close friends tailoring and communicating the message of this organization while focusing on the global effort to share the Good News of Jesus around the world and help others do the same.




Travis Moffitt

Travis Moffitt and his wife, Gina, met and graduated from Christ For The Nations Institute in Dallas, TX before marrying in 1994. 

After 17 years of bi-vocational work in the professional marketplace and church ministry, Travis took a position leading domestic and international efforts with Worldwide Voice In The Wilderness. 

Today Travis serves as the President of Connect Global, which he co-founded in 2011.  Travis has received Advanced Training in Leadership through the National Institute of Christian Leadership with Dr. Mark Rutland, Advanced Training in Missions through Go To Nations with Dr. Jerry Williamson and Advanced Training in Leading Short-Term Mission Trips through CULTURELink with Larry Ragan.

Travis has lead over 40 international trips to Honduras, Cuba, Mexico, Columbia, Haiti, Thailand and the USA.  Connect Global is working on several projects including a large Maternity Home for new mothers and the establishment of The Connect Global School of Missions, both in La Ceiba, HN. 

Travis lives with his wife and son, Noah, in Tampa, FL. and speaks regularly to encourage the Church at large to Share the Good News of Jesus around the world and help others do the same.




Danielle Mendoza 

I first fell in love with missions on my first trip to Mexico with my (Christian) school. We slept on a concrete floor, ate new foods, and most importantly served in the elementary school. It was evident that decent meals and full bellies were scarce, but joy and happiness were not.

This was the beginning of several other instances in my life that I realized how abundantly blessed I was and knew I wanted to share my blessings with others.

Since that first mission trip I have been back to Mexico, Jamaica, Honduras, Thailand and what I consider my favorite mission trip; Slidell, Louisiana to aid in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. My husband Javier and I were only distant friends at the time but by the end of the trip we both knew we were meant to be together. Now we have been married over 12 years and have a beautiful little girl named Saige. 

I have been actively pursuing missions for 15 years and Co-Founded Connect Global in 2011. It has been our passion to not just partake in the experience of serving and leading teams week by week to cities and villages in need, but to always leave something tangible behind. Something as simple as laying a concrete floor, rehabbing bathrooms, building fish farms, or painting a local school is all it takes to let people on the other side of the globe know THEY MATTER. They are not only important to us but to God, and he has equipped & commissioned US to be the salt in all the earth. We count it an honor to share what we have been given with the world.